Your Team

We admit it: we’re number geeks. (We’re thinking of starting a support group.) We love to kick back and have fun on our downtime, but we may love numbers even more. We love what we do. Seriously. We get a kick out of taking your books and taxes to the next level or cleaning them up at the end of the year. We’re basically the Tax Terminator. Only cuter. And female. And virtual…

In order to maintain our below-market fees and provide the best in on-demand, quality service to our tax and accounting clients, we employ a number of folks on an as-needed basis. But the core of your virtual accountant group remains the same throughout the year. Meet your Team Holly.


Not only is Sue a brilliant CPA, but she’s also kind of a badass at the hockey rink. (She has played on a variety of women, co-ed, and men’s teams, including the Lady Everblades.) We can’t imagine why you’d need to hear anything else about her before calling us, but just in case…

Originally from Connecticut, she’s lived all over the USA. Sue opened her practice in Fort Myers in 2004 after relocating from here from Tampa Bay. Over the last 25 years, she’s worked for companies all over the country, big and small, in various accounting roles. Sue recently relocated to Saginaw, Michigan, and now serves Team Holly clients all over the country as a virtual CPA.


  • Holds a BS in Accounting from Upper Iowa University
  • Certified Public Accountant (2003), Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (2015)
  • Secretly wishes she could still be in college – she loves school!
  • Loves her 2 kids Beau and Chesnee, her husband Jeff, hockey, exploring Michigan, and Italian food (not necessarily in that order)


Sam went to Michigan State (where she met Chesnee!) where she studied Statistics and Computational Math and Science. Since college, she has used her statistics degree working for a government agency. Numbers don’t scare her – I mean come on, why else would someone willingly study math in college?!?!  She loves to learn new things and challenge herself which is why she took to keeping the books and processing tax returns right away. She grew up in West Michigan along the Lake Michigan shoreline and will always be around for bonfires and beach time in the summer– Can’t beat it! Sam likes to spend her free time powerlifting, looking for her next hobby, dancing at music festivals and spending quality time with family and friends.


Chesnee has been working for Team Holly since mid-high school (child labor!) and now into college. Chesnee is currently a Junior at Michigan State University studying Applied Engineering with a concentration in business law. While she loves crunching numbers just like her Momma, she also has a creative side! When Chesnee isn’t hitting the books or hanging out with friends you can find her knitting at the local yarn shop, dancing her heart out at music festivals, or traveling around the country competing in the Precision Rifle Series.