A La Carte Services

It’s our goal to deliver exactly the services you need, when you need them, at a price that makes sense for you. If our individual or business packages do not meet your needs, we can deliver a la carte services instead:

Our low hourly and tax prep rates could save you a bundle. We do our best to bring you the highest quality work at a competitive price – regularly doing market research to make sure that we’re at or below the average market rate for the area.

While we’re doing that, we’re also critically examining your tax and financial records to discover new ways to save you or your business money. When we find them, we let you know. (Then you thank us with gifts of wine and chocolate.) It’s just that simple.

A long time ago we learned that no two clients are alike – each client has a unique set of needs and wishes. Some accounting firms try to push their clients into buying more services than they really want, or to use systems and processes that don’t really work for them. We think that’s crazy.

Team Holly clients are happy because they know that we don’t put them into a box. Each of our clients receives tailored, one-on-one service and communication. From the estimate process to the tax delivery method, we want to make sure that we treat you exactly as you want to be treated and provide you with all the services you need – and none that you don’t.

Since time is money, we technically could’ve put this in the previous section, but hey. We needed a 3rd item to make the page look cooler.

These days, everyone is short on time. If you’re on our website, chances are you’re feeling some kind of crunch and are looking for an efficient partner to help you out. Good for you! There’s absolutely NO reason for you to spend 10 hours on do-it-yourself tax software or learning QuickBooks when we’re here… just waiting for your call.

There’s also no reason to work with an accountant who doesn’t respond to your calls or emails. That’s the biggest time sink of all. Whether we’re doing on-site accounting work or working with you remotely, we encourage our clients to communicate with us however they’re comfortable – in-person, phone, email, text, Facebook message, LinkedIn, Twitter. However you want to reach us, we’re here.