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At this time of year, we turn our thoughts to the three F’s: Family, Friends, and FOOD! As we dream of pumpkin pies and giant turkey legs, many of us also take the time around Thanksgiving and November to volunteer, donate, or give back to our favorite causes in one way or another.

But if you’ve recently relocated to a new town, or haven’t really gotten involved much in the charitable side of life, you might not be sure what nonprofits are out there that could really use your help. And that’s where we come in! 🙂

Staff Charity Picks for 2015
In the spirit of #GivingTuesday, we’ve put together a list of staff favorites to get your giving juices flowing. These nonprofits are close to our hearts, and maybe one day they’ll be close to yours, too!

Sue’s Favorite: Basenji Rescue and Transport (BRAT) – A national organization

Rico_BasenjiTheir mission: To rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome Basenji’s all over the country. Basenjis are amazingly smart, barkless dogs originally from Egypt. (They especially like to snuggle under the covers as Rico is seen doing here!)

How you became involved: We had two Basenji’s, Rico and Murphy, who were part of our family for many years, and we wouldn’t have known them without BRAT. We give to BRAT regularly, and think of our awesome past pets each time we do.

Click to donate.

Sherry’s (Who couldn’t pick just one!) Picks:

Nonprofit: The Joy House & Goshen Valley – Georgia nonprofits GoshenValleyThe_Joy_House

Their missions: These 2 organizations help troubled teenagers get grounded again. Joy House helps boys and girls, and Goshen Valley focuses just on boys.

How I became involved: A few families in our neighborhood got together and started to support Joy House. We’re building a firepit and ENO park for them this year. And I learned about Goshen Valley when I worked with youth programs at Watermarke Church. I have a special place in my heart for teenagers and students going through tough times – they need all the support we can possibly give them!

Click to donate to the Joy House or Goshen Valley.

Chantal’s Favorite Nonprofit: CREW Land & Water Trust

Their mission: Dedicated to the preservation of natural resources in one of Southwest Florida’s most crucial watersheds, CREW not only manages 60,000+ acres of conservation land, but it also educates the local community on the importance of this area through youth programs and guided hikes.

How I became involved: I first met the folks at CREW 3 years ago when I moved to the area and am amazed at by what such a small team (a full-time staff of 2) and their dedicated volunteers are able to accomplish. Hiking at CREW is one of my favorite things to do in Southwest Florida – on their trails, I’ve seen birds of every kind, bears, bobcats, and deer. It’s a beautiful bit of Florida’s natural treasure and one I’m proud to support.

You can watch a short video about CREW here to learn more:

Click to donate to the CREW Trust today.

Whether its one of our picks or one of your own, Team Holly CPA is committed to giving back to organizations making a difference – not just at Thanksgiving, but year-round. That’s why we’re supporting #NoSpendNovember and #GivingTuesday this year. Even little things, like making your online purchases through (Amazon’s new program where a percentage of every purchase goes to the nonprofit of your choice) go a long way.

Finally, DID YOU KNOW?

Team Holly’s virtual accounting services are suited to nonprofits as well. We provide tax, accounting, and payroll services to lighten the load of mission-driven organizations everywhere. Contact us if your nonprofit could use the help!

Keep Calm and Give Back

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