Team Holly in the Cloud

One Google executive said last year, “The future of computing lies in the cloud. Cloud based solutions are cost efficient, collaborative, and, more often than not, more secure [than desktops] to operate.”

In our post last week on data security, we mentioned that at Team Holly CPA, we have kept your data safe on our secure servers for the last 10 years. But over time, we’ve come to understand that we can only protect our side of the equation; for example, we can’t protect your data after we’ve sent it to you if your home computer is hacked, or your email is hacked.

Thanks to technology, though, that’s no longer the case. We are proud to announce our new partnership with Citrix ShareFile – the premier leader in secure cloud data storage for accounting firms. ShareFile will be providing each of our valued clients (that’s you!) with their own secure portal for uploading and downloading information. You’ll have your own unique and secure login, and you will be able to things like:

  • Use the ShareFile desktop application or web-based interface to easily drag & drop files for us to your portal
  • Use the ShareFile smartphone app to take a picture of important documents & upload them (no more scanning or faxing!)
  • Sign your efiling authorizations & POAs right from the portal
  • Upload & download business bookkeeping data & QuickBooks files
  • Upload & download personal income tax related info, i.e. W-2s, 1099s, and so on
  • View & download copies of previously filed tax returns and payroll returns

About this exciting development, Sue Holly says, “We want to protect our clients as best as we possibly can. ShareFile will allow us to ensure that your data is just as secure as your banking data, while giving you more complete access to your own data. We’re really excited about this tool – it will make your life easier and your data safer!”

Look for an email from us about accessing your portal later this year. And feel free to contact Sue for more information:

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