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Did You Hear? We Are a Firm of the Future

Team Holly CPA Selected As Firm of the Future by Intuit We are proud to announce that your very own Team Holly CPA won a prestigious award from Intuit this year – Firm of the Future! Intuit, QuickBooks’ parent company, launches a contest each year in search of the top “Firms of the Future.” The winners […]

Team Holly in the Cloud

One Google executive said last year, “The future of computing lies in the cloud. Cloud based solutions are cost efficient, collaborative, and, more often than not, more secure [than desktops] to operate.” In our post last week on data security, we mentioned that at Team Holly CPA, we have kept your data safe on our […]

How the Government Shutdown Will Affect Your Taxes

Oh, the government shutdown. It was appalling, wasn’t it? Well be prepared for more chagrin, as the IRS has recently announced that we (and you) won’t be able to file taxes until early February this year! That’s right: February. The ripple effects of the shutdown are not only being felt by the thousands of Americans […]

What is a CPA??

Every field has its buzz words. Accounting is no different. We’ve got accountants, bookkeepers, tax preparers, and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) to name a few. But what’s the difference? And why should you care? Let me ask you: when you hire a lawyer, you (generally) don’t ask if they have a degree or passed the […]