6 Cool Ways to Participate in #GivingTuesday

Last year we told you all about #GivingTuesday and why we think it is a great day to give to charity. But did you know that giving to charity on #GivingTuesday doesn’t have to be all about money?#givingtuesday

Sure, cash is a sure-fire way to help a nonprofit, but you can also give your time, talent and creativity to help causes that make a positive difference in your community.

Here are 6 super cool ways to participate in the global #GivingTuesday movement and help your favorite nonprofit raise those much-needed end-of-year funds.

  1. Give time – volunteer. Every nonprofit needs volunteers. Indeed, most wouldn’t be able to do the good work they do without dedicated people who give their time to help with everything from stuffing envelopes to tutoring kids to pulling weeds. Volunteering helps you meet new people, get out of your own routine and make a difference in the lives of others, and it doesn’t cost you a penny. Have you got a few hours a month or a week or even a day a year that you can give to your favorite charity? Log your hours and miles – both can be used for tax deductions if you qualify.
  2. Give things. So many charities need donated items as much as they need money. In fact, some charities whole mission depends on donated items to keep them in business (think Goodwill Industries). Charities that serve the homeless or victims of abuse often need clothing, blankets, hygiene items, toys. Contact your local charity and find out if they need any material items. And keep track of what you give, these items may be tax-deductible.
  3. Give your voice. Are you good at speaking or networking? Can you sing or act or do podcasts? You could be a spokesperson for a charitable cause, a representative at civic gatherings or entertainment at a fundraising event. Many nonprofits need talented voices to help them get their story out. Reach out to your favorite local charity to see how you can help.
  4. Give at work. Perhaps you can set up a recurring donation from your paycheck or a matching contribution from your employer. Or maybe you can talk to your management about a giving policy at work. Many businesses encourage their employees to volunteer during work hours or as a group on the weekends. Find out about giving policies at your place of business.
  5. Share your giving story with #MyGivingStory. Storytelling can be very compelling and engaging for potential donors and volunteers. Leading up to #GivingTuesday on November 29th, you can share why you give your time, money or talent to a specific charity using the hashtag #MyGivingStory. It will help raise awareness of your charity and of #GivingTuesday. Who doesn’t love a good story?
  6. Do the #UNselfie thing. #GivingTuesday is uniquely dependent on social media outreach to be successful. If you have donated money, time or talent to a charity this year, you can post a photo online showing how you give, using a poster from their #UNselfie toolkit and the hashtag #UNselfie.

Whatever you do, however you participate, your contribution will make a positive difference for the charity of your choice and the people it serves. Have fun, and thanks for pitching in!

Will you participate in #GivingTuesday? What do you think about these ways to participate? What other ways do you like to help your favorite charities?


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