Our 5 Favorite Personal Finance Blogs

If you care about your money and often find yourself searching the web for advice about personal finance, budgeting, and investing, then you know it can be frustrating to search and not find what you really need. Well, after several years of Googling around and following various bloggers, these five stand out with some of the best advice on saving money – and they’re fun, too!

Here are our 5 favorite personal finance blogs.

Mr Money Mustache

Mr. Money MustacheThis guy and his wife retired “at 30…on normal salaries”, so they obviously did something right. He thinks a lot of the financial advice out there is junk, so he writes about how he made a life he loves by being both frugal and smart. He has strong opinions about the “middle-class lifestyle” and a lot of sound advice about how to make a life that works for you. I love his candor and success.


Budgets Are Sexyj_money_profile

J. Money runs this blog. His playful tone for this serious topic drew me in, but his willingness to lay all his personal money experiences out there for us to see is what keeps me coming back. He inspired me to start tracking my net worth and keeping my eye on the “big picture” and that keeps me from stressing out about the little things. This blog is about personal finance and freedom.

Rockstar Finance



Another J. Money blog, this one scans and then selects what he considers “rockstar” articles about money topics from all over the web and publishes them in one place. It saves me a lot of time and gives me the kind of info I need in one spot. Plus, they have a really super sweet community fund that pools together money and helps people do good in their communities!

Free Money Finance

I like this blog because the author is very direct, honest, and has been at it since 2005. Like J. Money’s blogs, this one is written by a person based on their personal experience rather than by a professional financial advisor or investment counselor.

Get Rich Slowlytuttle

This is a veteran personal finance blog with at least 17 writers who focus on a lot of practical advice for saving and investing over time. They include articles for all ages, but have more advice for those of us over 50 than the other blogs mentioned so far. This blog has a large and active forum for people like you to chat with each other, and that says a lot about a good blog.

And if those aren’t enough for you, my man J. Money has just released a brand new database of 730 (so far) financial blogs and other resources that you can search by all kinds of criteria, so check out the Rockstar Directory today! Happy reading!

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