Month: March 2016

5+ Mobile Finance Apps You Will Love

Nothing says 2016 like mobile technology. As I sit in a city coffee shop typing on my Chromebook, smartphone in hand, I see every other person nearby similarly staring at their mobile devices. We like being connected, everywhere. In our busy lives, mobile devices provide flexibility and convenience. Financial institutions are paying attention, designing mobile […]

What to Know About ROTH IRA Conversions

You’ve probably heard friends, family, or financial advisors talk about ROTH IRA conversion strategies. “Back door” conversions are always a hot topic at tax time, too. Ever wondered what it all means? Here’s a quick 5-minute overview from our friend and financial advisor, Michael Gluski of Ameriprise, on Roth IRA Conversions. (In a later blog post, […]

10 Down & Dirty S-Corp Tax Tips

Do you own an S-Corp, or are you thinking about starting one? According the IRS, about 70% of all corporations filing tax returns are S-corporations (including regular corporations and LLCs electing the S-corp status). S-corporations tax returns also get more scrutiny from the IRS. Here are ten down and dirty things to know: S-corporations pass […]

9 Ways to Make Your Own Financial Good Luck

Spoiler alert: Personal financial success has little to do with good luck! When friends found out my husband and I were retiring in our mid-fifties to pursue our dream of traveling and moving to a big city, many of them exclaimed, “You’re so lucky. I’ll never have enough money to retire”. The implication there was […]