Month: February 2016

4 Things to Know About Your K-1

So you get a K-1 every year at tax time, but do you know what that form is really all about? If you are a shareholder in a Subchapter S corporation (S-corp), or have an interest in a partnership or LLC, you will likely receive a Schedule K-1 tax form from your corporation. This form […]

8 Smart & Sexy Things to Do With Your Refund

Smart is sexy. So, how sexy are you? If you’re smart enough to spend your tax refund wisely and boost your financial status, then you’re pretty darn sexy! According to the IRS, the average 2014 tax refund was $3,034. So what are the smartest things to do with that sweet tax refund? Here are eight […]

Are You Ready for Retirement?

This new year, are you asking yourself when you can finally quit your day job? We’ve all dreamed of it: waking up without an alarm clock, doing anything we want to do all day long, no schedules, no meetings, no boss, just time to relax and enjoy ourselves. That’s what retirement should be. Unfortunately, more […]

Can’t Buy Me Love: 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Any Budget

“Money can’t buy you love”, sing the Beatles, so don’t go broke trying to impress your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day! You can still be romantic and sweet and generous without spending lots of money on Valentine’s Day. In fact, keeping a handle on your personal finances is an act of love all by itself. It […]