Month: January 2016

What to do When the Stock Market Gets Crazy

This January has seen stock market volatility unlike any other January on record. Many investors are panicked, while many are calling it a simple stock market “correction.” Historically, January is a pretty healthy month for stock markets. With international forces and commodity fluxuations at work in the market, it’s easy to get into panic mode […]

What is “The Cloud” and How Does It Work??

The cloud – not that fluffy, white bundle of water vapor floating around in the sky, but the mysterious, unseen computer system that’s become a modern-day buzzword. What is the cloud? How does it work? And why should you care? Last year, Team Holly announced its transition to a virtual accounting firm with no physical office and […]

The Definitive Tax Form Timeline

All you need to know about when to expect what when it comes to tax forms! Sometime during the next few weeks you will start getting tax-related forms that will help you file your personal 2015 income tax return. All these forms need to be given to your accountant so she can complete your tax […]