Month: May 2015

Making a Personal Budget Work for You

Okay, so we all know we should have a family/personal budget. But a lot of times we struggle to create one because it’s difficult to put our financial goals down on paper and prioritize them. Here’s a quick guide on how you can set and prioritize financial goals with your family budget. Thanks to Michael […]

Who Needs a Budget? Spoiler Alert – Everyone

I don’t need a budget. I’ve got income, and I pay my bills. I’ve heard this dozens of times – even from my own husband. But having income and paying the bills isn’t enough to protect you and your finances from a disaster. Creating and following a budget can help you reduce your debt, increase […]

Capital Gains Tax: What Everyone Should Know

Capital gains tax…isn’t that just for rich folks, you say? Well, consider this: just about everything you own is a capital asset (investments like stocks, real estate, coins, fine art, or personal property like real estate, your car, jewelry and that big-screen TV). And if you sell a capital asset, capital gains taxes may apply […]

How to Grow by Using a Business Plan

Are you a new business owner looking to get your next big idea off the ground? Are you planning to ask a bank or investors for venture capital, investment capital, or startup funding for your small business? If so, you’ve probably heard that most investors and banks require a business plan before they’ll consider your […]